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Real Estate - Homes for Sale on Duck Key

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Quick List of All Homes for Sale

We periodically update our information. We rely on word of mouth of Duck Key residents, "For Sale" signs and realtor contacts, but our listing may be dated or show a property which has been taken off the market or changed in value. We are not realtors or rental agents. To get information and listings accurate to within several days and find particulars on homes for sale, together with detailed information that is not in the public domain contact a local realtor.

Utilizing this Duck Key Online website can make your search for a home easier. It provides information about the Duck Key community together with a listing of homes for sale on the island, but it will not take the place of a trained real estate professional who can provide the most current information.

Properties which are "For Sale by Owner" and which are not part of a realtor's listing will be found on the website, but usually at the center and an integral of every real estate transaction is a realtor. See Realtors


Another option for finding the latest information on properties for sale on Duck Key is to use the Florida Keys MLS web site. You must go through a realtor's website to gain access to the MLS data base.

All properties located on Indies Island are zoned commercial. Properties located on Yacht Club, Plantation, Center, and Harbour Islands are zoned residential and eligible for homesteading and tax savings under the Florida Save Our Home statute.

LIST UPDATED September 2012 

Indies Island Condo and Marina Apartments


None at time of update


Marina Villas - Highrise Condo

8201 Marina Villa Condo - $220,000

4203 Marina Villa Condo - $495,000

4401 Marina Village Drive - 2BR/2BA - $575,000

4304 Marina Villa Condo - $525,000

Indies Island - Hawk's Cay Village Villas Click Here - Link to an extensive list of Hawk's Cay Village Villas


According to an April 2006 letter from Brian Schmitt of Coldwell Banker Real Estate the average sale price non-waterfront home in 2005 was $862,500. The sale price for a waterfront home was over $1.6 million. A waterfront lot had an average sale price of $795,375 in comparison to $176,071 for a non-waterfront lot.


Yacht Club Island - Link to Yacht Club Island real estate page

$3,975,000 - 308 Pinetree - 3BR/3.5BA

$2,325,000 - 312 Coco Plum- 3BR/3BA

$1,980,000 - 392 East Seaview- 5BR/3BA

$1,695,000 - 312 East Seaview Circle - 4BR/4.5BA

$725,000 - 346 East Seaview Drive - 2BR/3BA


Plantation Island - Link to Plantation Island real estate page

$1,900,000 - 242 West Seaview Circle

$1,850,000 - 236 West Seaview Circle

$1,850,000 - 209 West Seaview Drive - 3/2.5

$1,395,000 - 254 West Seaview Circle - 3/3

$1,195,000 - 280 West Seaview - 4/4

$1,295,000 - 272 West Seaview - 3/3

$885.000 - 250 West Seaview Drive - 2BR/2BA

$750,000 - 230 West Seaview Drive - 2/3

$375,000 - 212 West Seaview - 2/2

$295,000 - 214 West Seavew - 3/3


Center Island - Link to Center Island real estate page


$849,000 - 146 North Indies - 3/2

$725,000 - 128 Indies North 3/2

$685,000 - 108 North Bahama 4/3

$525,000 - 147 Indies South 2/2

$425,000 -101 San Remo 3BR/2BA - inland

$405,000 - 94 Antiqua 3/2


Harbour Island

$2,250,000 - 438 Harbour Drive - open water - 4BR/5BA

$ - - - - 437 Harbour Drive - open water - 3BR/3BA

$1,725,000 - 432 Harbor Drive - 4BR/3.5BA

$1,495,000 - 404 Harbor Drive - 2 BR/2BA

$1,399,000 - 423 Harbor Drive - 4BR/3BA


Location Finder

What are the three most important things to consider when in investing in real estate? Answer: Location, Location, Location

Duck Key is the right location! To help you find your way around Duck Key you can use the Yahoo Map and street finder at the foot of this page.


Real Estate and the Allure of Island Living

For many people owning a home in the Florida Keys helps satisfy fantasies of how good life can be. Buyers who purchase a home for full-time living or establish a vacation home which they will move to later upon retirement are drawn by a simple alluring premise - the warm weather, the recreation, the Caribbean scenery - life is better on an island in the tropical Florida Keys.

 Island Living

The growing popularity of a recreational lifestyle has sparked a yearning for home ownership near the water, as evidenced by the fact that the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts have become a magnet for new home owners .

There is nothing like island living, and when it comes to choosing island real estate Duck Key in the Florida Keys is the place to be. Less than 90 miles north of the Tropic of Cancer, Duck Key is in the same latitude as the northern Hawaiian Islands.

Living on an island such as Duck Key offers less congestion, less crime and pollution, better weather and scenery and a better way of life. Duck Key also enjoy a number of protections from over development. Thanks to building permit limitations, the island's small size and unique features, zoning, and deed restrictions Duck Key will not become a community that begins to look and feel like every other place.


Real Estate on Duck Key

The romantic lure of tropical Duck Key promises the essence of romance: the chance to live on an exquisite bit of earth encircled by the sea. Whether it be ownership of a second home or primary home for work or retirement, life is better on a tropical island with miles of ocean surrounding you. The responsibilities of work and life's worries are lessened by delicious decisions of tropical island life: whether to boat, kayak, fish or go for a swim, to bike or walk or skip exertion altogether and relax under the shade of palm trees and hibiscus, drinking margaritas. Life on Duck Key is filled with such simple pleasures and exquisite moments.

Living and home ownership is especially good on Duck Key. Duck Key has warm Gulf stream waters and free flowing canals which are cleansed with the change of tides. Residents enjoy a perpetually balmy tropical climate, Caribbean breezes, the sound of rustling palm trees and night air filled with the scent of evening jasmine. Duck Key living not only meets recreational lifestyle expectations, but what helps assure buyers will love home ownership on Duck Key are the island's friendly people. Residents not only enjoy great peace and comfort in their home by being surrounded by pleasant things, a tropical climate and nice neighbors but have the added protection provided by the Duck Key Security District .


Real Estate - Homes for Sale on Residential islands

Duck Key is divided into five small islands, four that are zoned residential and one that is zoned commercial. The four residential islands are Yacht Club Island, Center Island, Plantation Island, and Harbour Island. About 375 homes are located on the residential islands. Most of these homes are protected by deed restrictions.

The commercially zoned island, Indies Island, has waterfront villa properties for sale which are part of Hawk's Cay Village. Also located on Indies Island are several small condominiums which have units for sale from time to time.


Recent Property Sales also Provided

Homes in the Florida Keys continue to increase in value because the Keys offers a climate which affords year round recreational pursuits and outdoor activity. There is also a limitation on available land on which to build as well as Rate of Growth Ordinances which limit building of new homes to less than 200 units a year. Supply and demand has increased prices.

Homes which have sold recently are also shown so that potential buyers may access the market value of properties currently on sale and to gauge the validity of the asking price in much the same way an appraiser does. Appraisers generally use comparable properties to establish the market value in reporting to mortgage lenders. To get a mortgage the buyer and the property must qualify with the lender. By comparing recent sales a lender can confirm that the purported value of a property is accurate.

Prices in 2003

Realtors report that the average sales price for a home in the Middle Keys increased by about 31% over 2002 prices.

In general prices for inland homes on Duck Key during 2003 averaged around $500,000. Prices for maintained canal front homes averaged around $850,000. Open water Homes averaged $1,770,000. Water front lots averaged around $650,000. And inland lots not on the water sold on average for around $64,000.


Prices in 2005

Prices in 2004 and 2005 appreciated as much as 3 % a month.

Prices for inland lots on Center island are now averaging over $200,000 on Duck Key. In May of 2004 the asking price on a cleared two lot parcel (inland) with a Rogo permit was $300,000. Sale prices for inland homes on Duck Key during 2005 ranged from around $675,000 tp $925,000. Prices for maintained canal front homes ranges from $1,400,000 to $2,200,000. In late 2005, two homes were put up for sale on Yacht Club Island, one canal front, the other facing on Yacht Club Harbor and listed at $4,000,000 and $4,300,000 respectively. Sale prices on open water front homes are trending upward to $3,500,000. One oceanfront home with multiple lots was listed at $6,000,000. Water front lots now on the market start at $1,200,000 and climb upward to $2,000,000 for estate lots facing on the ocean.



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