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Fred Bucholtz, Chmn.

Bruce Franck
Dennis Kulig

Bob Adams

Albert Appell
Pino Moro

Dick Adler, Secretary

Dick Holland
Ray Przybyl


The meeting was called to order at 9:04 by Chairman Bucholtz. Other members present were Dick Adler, Bruce Frank, Albert Appell and Dick Holland, Bob Adams, and Ray Przybyl. Also in attendance were John and Susanne Fuhrman, Donna and Roy Janota, Lee Mueller, Wilma Pete, Lilo Hagsbeck, Lillian Tallent, Pat Reeder, Raymond Kuzlinski, and Bob Janicki.



Minutes from the March 17, 1997 meeting were read. A motion by Dick Holland with a second by Ray Przybyl to approve the minutes carried.


Chairman Buchholtz reported on lobster days and reported that there were no problems.

He reported that the County had extended the security guard contract for an additional year with the hourly rate to stay the same.

The chair stated that there had been some laxity of security personnel which required some personnel replacement.

Speeding on the island remains a problem and will ask for radar surveillance

The Chair went over the contract rates for security in answer to a visitor's question. The current rate from Diamond Security remains at $13.89 hourly, and remains lower than the $17 bid by Morrel Security when it was last put out to bid.. The 1999 contract will be rebid in late 1998 .


There was no old business.


The Chair provided information on Advisory Board coverage during the year and the presence of members over the summer. He recommended the Board advise the County Commissioners that the position of Advisory Board Vice-Chairman be created and Albert Appell be appointed to the position. This was moved by Dick Adler and seconded by Dick Holland. The motion carried. It was also moved and seconded that Albert Appell be recommended for reappointment to a three term to the Advisory Board as his original appointment was to complete Charles Casella's term.

Fred Bucholtz thanked Bob Adams for his service on the Security Advisory Board and asked that Bob Shearer be nominated to fill the position for a new three year term. This was moved by Ray Przybyl and seconded by Albert Appell. The motion carried.

It was moved by Dick Adler and seconded by Albert Appell that Fred Bucholtz continue in the position of Chairman and that he be recommended for reappointment by the County Commission for a three year term as Chairman of the Duck Key Security Advisory Board. The motion carried.

Chairman Bucholtz presented the Proposed Security Budget for 1998 together with the Contingency Budget. He explained that the budget total should be increased to allow for increased guard coverage during the hours of 7AM to 11 AM Monday through Friday. He explained he wanted the flexibility to increase the security hours should vehicular and pedestrian traffic on the residential islands increase as a result of the Hawk's Cay Village Development.

Chair Bucholtz answered a question about anticipated tax receipts from a visitor. A long discussion ensued among Advisory Board members and visitors with questions posed and answered. Visitors expressed the opinion that the District should not have to pay for increased resort traffic. Fred Bucholtz stated that traffic will be monitored and that hopefully hours won't have to be increased, but that the Budget should allow for this anticipated need.

It was moved by Albert Appell with a second by Dick Holland that the budget together with the contingency budget be recommended for approval by the Monroe County Board of Commissioners.

Chair Bucholtz discussed putting forth a request that the County Commission approve the release of contingency money for a Duck Key Security District Public Safety Office to be used as a station for security guards in providing increased security and which would be located on land leased from Hawk's Cay at the corner of Duck Key Drive and Greenbriar Drive. Advisory Board members and visitors discussed the value of this concept in length and the Board decided that moneys should only be released for the purpose of conducting feasibility study as to the office's use, construction and cost .


A motion was approved to adjourn the meeting.



Richard Adler



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